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OS2 - Links
- (IQN Issue #7) Diane Gartner: The Big Blue-Redmond Connexion
- Alexander Mai's OS/2 page
- Are you ready for SYS3175? ('s home) - Are you ready for SYS3175?'s homeWelcome "We believe, OS/2 is the plathome for the '90s..." - Bill Gates, CEO of Microsoft Corp., 1989 This is some personal OS/2-favorite page of Takayuki 'January June' Suwa, Japanese poor freelance OS/2 programmer. Please take a SYS3175-ful time :)
- Copilot/2 Beta 1 - What is Copilot/2? Copilot/2 is an OS/2 port of the Copilot software. Copilot is a PC based emulation of the US Robotics PalmPilot(tm), a very nice and handy PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). With the emulation software, you can test new PalmPilot software berfore actually downloading it into the device, and it makes software developing and debugging much easier. Copilot/2 is freeware.
- Home page - PostgreSQL/2
- Index of /software - Warp (and Linux/BeOS) Australian prices
- Index of /warp - Warp and WarpServer IBM AsiaPacific product info June99
- mp123 (mpg123 for OS/2)
- Netscape Navigator for OS/2 Warp - OS/2 plug-ins
- OS/2 History
- Richard's OS/2 Homepage - Links
- Tavi OS/2 pages
- This page for You

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