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ColorWorks for OS/2

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ColorWorks version 2.0 and version 1+ for OS/2, the most advanced graphics image editor ever developed for the Computer Artist or Designer, and the ultimate frame processor for Multimedia, Desktop Publishing and Presentation applications. ColorWorks is a 32-bit multi-tasking, multi-threaded application that offers core technology, speed of operation, and valuable features far beyond that delivered by the current 16-bit, single threaded, Macintosh or Windows based image editors.

ColorWorks' configurable tool architecture yields many thousands of possible drawing tools and the most flexible way to define floated images. In Draw Mode, any drawing tool can be configured to draw with a color, any effect or a combination of multiple effects. In Mask Mode, any drawing tool can be used as a selection tool to define a mask for application of effects and transformations.

ColorWorks has a powerful set of professional Photo Retouching Effects, unique Filter Labs, Special Effects, multiple methods of Warping, and Free Form Distortion Mapping. In addition, any effect can be used by itself or in combination with any number of other effects you choose. There are literally millions of different effect combinations.

ColorWorks offers 255 levels of undo per canvas, the ability to drag and drop images between canvases, provides for ultra-precise image editing by enabling you to change a canvas' magnification level while you are in the middle of a drawing operation, and enables users to become their own plug-in effects developer without having to be a programmer!

For power users, ColorWorks' unique DIMIC (Dynamic In-Memory Image Compression) can reduce the RAM requirements of editing images by up to 90%. Also, ColorWorks can dynamically divide drawing tasks to up to 64 processors, for huge linear increases in performance. ColorWorks' advanced parallel processing architecture (named SMP Smart Threading) increases total program performance, all effects, using the multiple processors of a Symmetric Multi-Processing system. SMP Smart Threading enables a user to attain workstation performance and beyond on a PC platform.

ColorWorks fully exploits OS/2's enabling technology and is the most advanced graphics program ever developed. ColorWorks is a 32 bit Multi-Tasking , Multi-Threaded graphics application that can: edit compresses data; and split the processing of that data across multiple CPU's; while drawing with any effect or combination of effects using any tool; while you interactively zoom and pan; with up to 255 levels of undo available. Graphics programs simply don't get more powerful and sophisticated than this. TrueSpectra Inc.

Discover the Graphics Genius in You!

TrueSpectra Photo>Graphics allows you to combine photos, text and draw for unsurpassed graphics! With Photo>Graphics you can easily create, enhance and combine an unlimited number of digital images, text and draw objects using the editing and special effects tools available to you. Change the color of objects; place text on photographs; duplicate or crop images; enhance contrast and brightness or zoom in to highlight the most minute detail on a photograph, collage, business presentation or advertising flyer.

Easy to Use

Use the Power Panel to select your desired effects and then simply drag and drop to apply. Effects can be added, edited and removed with a simple click of the mouse.


Photo>Graphics supports most common image formats including JPEG and interlaced GIF for the Internet. You can work with images and effects at different resolutions all at the same time. And, the advanced .GDO file format makes efficient use of computer memory and disk storage resources.

Special Effects

Photo>Graphics includes a full range of regions and tools which are easily combined to form powerful objects. When layered, these objects interact to produce millions of possible effects, textures, and warps --no matter how complex! And, you can save your new effects for later use.


Choose from a robust set of drawing tools and combine them with special effects to create fantastic, resolution-independent clipart. Complete freehand, line and paint roller support. All with adjustable line width, softness, stroke, fill, cap style and join style for complete flexibility and creative freedom.


Effects may also be applied to text to create dazzling results with ease. Make your text float, add 3D effects, skew, warp, rotate or mirror for truly professional results.

Business, Internet or Home

Create graphics for enhancing business presentation, publishing on the Internet, or for family entertainment. Photo>Graphics outperforms all traditional pixel editors and draw packages. Even complex projects are easy and fun!

Photo>Graphics V1.0 Features List

interactive user interface facilitates true on-the-fly design; informative, color Tutorial Guide; full documentation on-line; cut & paste clipboard support


Object Definintion






Object Manipulation

    unlimited floating-point canvas; rotate; flip; mirror; move; stretch; skew; resize; group & ungroup

File Support