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All accounts are via payment in advance.
Expired accounts will be disabled within seven days of expiry.

Dialup Account

Dialup accounts offer full internet access, with a 120 hour limit per 3 months, with no more than 150mb download. Normal dialup account limits apply however, with a few hours of attended online usage being the reasonable expectation of the maximum average usage pattern. We seek your cooperation with releasing the dialin line once finished your active internet access session, to allow other clients the usage of the dialin resources. Abuse of these generous requirements may in the worst case lead to the disabling of an active account without warning, as we attempt to protect the service on behalf of the active client base.
Half Yearly
Additional hours in excess of your plan
Optional Client Software Configuration

Semi-Permanent Account

A semi-permanent account provides a 24hr connection to the internet. The connection charge is a once only fee, which covers the costs of phone line installation, serial port, and modem at the IAP.
Optional Domain registration and setup
Optional Client Software Configuration

Virtual Web Site

Virtual web sites are often used by commercial business operations to provide a web and internet presence. A virtual web site does not in itself provide dial-up access to the internet, so that some form of internet access would also normally be required. The virtual web site provides a domain name based web site (e.g., internet access for maintenance of the web site, and E-Mail accounts (e.g. HTML development services are also available from $80/Hr, for aid in the development of a suitable web site presentation.
Australian Domain name registration and setup
Optional HTML development
from $80.00/Hr

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