These Terms and Conditions of use apply to all persons holding S.B.T. accounts and/or utilising S.B.T. services.

By using the S.B.T. service you are accepting to be bound by the latest version of these Terms and Conditions (Ts ~Cs). Keeping to the spirit is as important as keeping to the letter. S.B.T. Internet reserves the right to terminate provision of Internet service to you upon breach of these Ts ~Cs.

You agree to pay all charges which S.B.T. makes to your account. In return, S.B.T. agrees to charge you fairly and according to our published prices or any private agreement we make with you.

If your account is in arrears (i.e. negative balance for access accounts, 30 days for other types of accounts) then S.B.T. may suspend service without further notice until appropriate payment is received.

It is your responsibility to contact S.B.T. in the first instance if you have a problem paying your account, if you dispute your account balance, or if your payment will be delayed, and we can relax the above condition.

You confirm that you are 18 years of age or older. Minors are not permitted to join. If you allow a minor to use S.B.T., you must supervise their activities.

You will keep all passwords strictly secret. Anybody using your account with the correct id and password will be deemed to be you.

You agree to take full responsibility for your actions "online" (including materials you place on our servers, E-mail sent, USENET news articles posted, etc.) and those of any 3rd party which you allow to use S.B.T. in your name. You may allow a 3rd party to use S.B.T. in your name if the 3rd party agrees to be bound by these conditions and the identity of any person using S.B.T. in your name is known at all times.

You accept that S.B.T. is not responsible for the content of any data you receive through the Internet unless it was originated by S.B.T.. Sensibly, the originator of any online material must take responsibility for that material; S.B.T. merely transports data automatically without any understanding of the meaning of the data.

You agree to check your E-mail regularly, where S.B.T. will make important announcements where appropriate. By keeping in touch with changes on the S.B.T. system you may be able to avoid some future inconvenience.

Certain types of behaviour are unacceptable on the Internet. The laws of Australia and possibly other countries apply. S.B.T. will co-operate fully with law enforcement agencies investigating any online incident.

In addition the Internet has its own conventions and customs which should be obeyed.

The following types of activities are an abuse of the S.B.T. system and the Internet. Your account may be terminated for these activities or you may be warned to not do it again. You agree to pay S.B.T. for any time spent on repairing any damage caused by you at the rate of $100 per hour. Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), Excessive Cross Posting (ECP) and Excessive Multi-Posting (EMP) all collectively known as spam are a major problem on the Internet. Sending Unsolicited Bulk E-mail to more than 30 recipients in a 24-hour period is considered an abuse.

USENET News is principally a medium for discussion, not advertising. Posting advertisements to USENET newsgroups not specifically designated as "ads" or "biz" groups or which do not specifically welcome advertisements in their charter may be considered an abuse. Posting the same article more than 10 times to Australian newsgroups (aus.*) or more than 20 times to international newsgroups is considered an abuse. Sending chain letters and promoting pyramid schemes (like Make Money Fast!) are illegal and are also an abuse. Sending "hate mail" is illegal and is considered an abuse. Child Pornography is illegal almost everywhere in the world. 'Nuff said.

Mailbombing, Denial-Of-Service (DOS) attacks, deliberate interference with the security of the S.B.T. system, with the Internet or with others' use of S.B.T. are considered an abuse. Forgery of E-mail addresses may be considered an abuse.

The S.B.T. system is intended to provide good services to users with typical needs. Occasionally a user consumes some resources which disadvantages other users (i.e. resource shortage). Rather than complicate our charging system with additional fees, we may require you to moderate your demands to within typical levels. This will usually be notified via E-mail.

You accept that faults will occur from time to time and that S.B.T. is not liable for any faults you may experience in the S.B.T. network or the public Internet. The Internet is not a reliable network, and is very large. Some parts of the Internet will be not working at any given time, and this is outside our control. If a fault occurs within the S.B.T. network we fix it as soon as possible.

You accept that S.B.T. is not liable for any loss or delay associated with the Internet.

You agree that you are responsible for keeping your computer or network ("your end") in good working order and S.B.T. agrees to keep our servers and network ("our end") in good working order. If "your end" stops working you may call S.B.T. for advice and you agree to follow any reasonable suggestions made by S.B.T..

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