SBT Internet Systems access information

dial up phone #: (02) 9310-1135

primary dns name:
primary dns address:
secondary dns name:
secondary dns address:
secondary dns name:
secondary dns address:

dial-up host name:
dial-up host address:

pop3 mail server:
smtp mail server:
news server:
proxy server:

user id: (your id)
password: (your password)
your email address:

Configuring your mail client software:

sending protocol: SMTP sending server:
outgoing mail SMTP server:

receiving protocol: POP3 receiving server:
incoming mail POP3 server:
set both your REPLY-TO and FROM to: generally, your
POP userid/password will correspond with your LOGIN userid/password

Win95/98/NT - Setup for Internet

dial up phone # 9310-1135

Network :- Dial up adapter - MS TCPIP - MS

TCPIP Properties :- Leave all settings as default except for DNS DNS Configuration
* enable DNS Host:
DNS Server Search Order. ~
Domain suffix

Icon My Connection :- Go properties, Configure, Options enable *Bring up terminal
window after dialing Your email address will be your user ID example
: user ID fred your email would be

Automated Login scriptsHTTP - Download

OS/2 Warp - Setup for Internet

IBM OS/2 Dial Other Providers setup: fill in required information

Login Info: enter as required your login ID your password set phone number to 9310-1135
set the script window to blank (delete the NONE in the window).

Connect Info set your ip to:
set destination ip to:

Modem Info: set to match your modem ~comm port -- Injoy setup: TerminalServer cmd/REXX
script also available

PalmPilot/ IBM WorkPad Setup for Internet

Please refer to your PalmPilot manual if you need help with configuring Pilot's Network Preferences.

Go to Preferences/Network enter your: user name, password ~phone number Go to Details select PPP enter DNS select Automatic enter under script enter (PalmPilotPro login script) wait for login: send userid send CR wait for word: send password send CR end

To connect PalmPilot to

Use following values:
Gateway address: DNS
To connect PalmPilot to IBM GN: Preferences/Network

User Name: internet.auinet.youruserid Password: yourpassword

Details: Connection: PPP
Idle: PowerOff
2nd DNS:
IP: Auto

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