Late Additions

OS2 and 4DOS
JP Software
4OS2 and 4DOS are powerful, enhanced replacements for the OS2. EXE and COMMAND. COM command shells. Open a whole new world of command line computing with these two products including full command history, aliases, enhanced commands like select and except, and enhanced batch files. With both 4OS2 and 4DOS running under OS/2 you get a consistent interface whether you're in an OS/2 session or a DOS session.
Liant Software
C++ Application Framework for developing multi- platform GUI programs in C++ that are portable across Windows, OS/2 Presentation Manager, OSF/Motif, and more. C-scape: Interface management system for developing character-based applications in C.
High C/C++
Version 3.2 for Windows NT, Windows (Win32), Chicago, DOS (with Phar Lap TNT) and OS/2 (featuring DirectToSOM). MetaWare High C and C++ compilers are known for creating compact, fast and efficient executables. C++ features include C++ Templates; Exceptions; Name Spaces; and RTTO; Pentium, 486, and 386 optimizers; and more. MetaWare offers professional software developers robust compilers on multiple platforms and architectures.
Window Washer
One Up Corporation
The bestselling 32-bit screen saver for OS/2, with full system password security; exciting animated effects; and digital audio and video. Hot-key activated. Open Shutter: Easy-to-use screen capture and conversion utility for OS/2. Enables users to edit and preview their modification. Multiple output options in a variety of formats.