Trials of Battle
  • Stardock

    The latest game from Stardock.

    SimCity for OS/2
  • DUX

    Run your own town. Build it up from scratch, with road, zoning, services, and levy taxes. But beware, for thepopulation votes with its feet, and you may become mayor of an empty town. A great graphical simulation of what its like to be the mayor, and trying to tread a fine line of pleasing everyone.

    Galactic Civilizations 1 & 2
  • Stardock

    Start building your civilization on a new world, and expand across the galaxy. Beware however, for you are not alone, and everyone else has the same idea. The first of the true OS/2 games. The next generation of computer-based games! In the 22nd century, Humanity has achieved a breakthrough in physics allowing for space travel. Three colony ships with a database of all technology and works of art known to Humanity set out to colonize the Earthlike planets surrounding nearby stars which have been discovered with the Hubble II. Two of the ships streak off toward their destinations, but something goes wrong on your ship arrives in a totally unknown galaxy billions of parsecs from the Milky Way. And you're not alone.....

    Cosmos for OS/2
    Cosmos is a 32-bit Planetarium and Sky Chart for OS/2. It was designed to aid the astronomical observer, from the novice to the expert. It uses the graphics capability of the personal computer to display star charts using stereographic projection, which is conformal, and accurately preserves shape relationships even for large areas of the sky.
    Card Games for OS/2
    BMT Micro
    Card Games is Solitaire of OS/2 in a way you've never experienced! Card Games features 8 of the most popular versions of the game solitaire including Astra, Scrooge, TdyUp, Elfer, Shitt, Towers, King'n'Ace and Calculation. Qualiiy graphics and ease of use make this a game you'll play for hours on end.
    MicroLearn Game Pack
    Put some fun in the Workplace Shell with this 10-game package from MicroLearn Nordic. Games included in Volume I are: Block Bouncer, Combo, Four Fun, Go-Moku, Manta Ghiis, MindSweeper, OS/ 2-litaire, SokoPM, The Wall and WordMaster. Every application is 32-bit and completely multithreaded.