Find it fast! Intelligent text search SearchManager/2 is simply the fastest way to find a word or phrase. Do a search on WordPerfect, Word, Ami Pro and a variety of other file formats from a single point. Ask for a word and not only will you get exact and close spelling matches, but also conceptually related words and phrases.
Electronic publishing from your desktop! Are you tired of searching through piles of paper? The BookManager family of products allows you to create and read electronic books for internal use, product support and customer service to name just a few uses. With BookManager BUILD/2, you can build electronic books from text and graphic files.
Creating on-line information files has never been this easy! What used to take days and an extensive knowledge of the IPF language built into OS/2, can now be accomplished by anyone in just a few hours. Imagine creating state-of-the-art tutorials, help text and on-line catalogs for your business.
Computer Associates

SuperProject brings to managers at all levels a complete set of project management and presentation tools designed to work easily and effectively in the real world. Whether you need to create a simple schedule and Gantt chart for the weekly status meeting, or implement intensive cross-project resource leveling and priority scheduling, SuperProject works the way you work - with ease, power and flexibility.

Quantum Leap
Quantum Development Corporation
Quantum Leap is a business modeling and problem solving software product. It is designed to allow business people (regardless of their mathematical or computer science skills) to represent and solve complex business problems, such as cash flow planning, resource allocation, or production planning. A problem is represented using a graphical user interface and an English-like language. Once the problem is represented, Quantum Leap (transparently to the user) applies multiple problem solving techniques until the problem is solved.
Power Translator
Globalink, Inc
Winner of the 1993 Discover Award for Technological Innovation for software, Power Translator Professional is the foreign language translator that everyone is talking about. Business is now widely conducted on a global level, a trend which will only increase in the future.