Backup, HardDisk, RAID & Security

FastBack OS/2
  • Symantec

    A proper WPS backup app, with full drag&drop implementation. Just click on the tape object, click-select down to folder or file level, drag to your disk object. Twice as fast as Sytos on my Sony SCSI DAT. Supports diskettes, SCSI and QIC 40/80 tape drives, Bernoulli cartridges, Syquest drives, external hard drives or floptical drives. The main problem with FastBack is Symantec's support, or lack of, for OS/2.

    MSR Development
    BackMaster for OS/2 supports SCSI as well as QIC 40/80 tape drives connected through the floppy drive controller. Support for both HPFS & FAT file systems, Read existing QIC 40/80 DOS tapes, Text based disaster recovery, uses STAC data compression. Tested with the following QIC 40/80 tape drives: Archive XL series, Colorado Jumbo 120 & 250, Generic QIC 40/80, Iomega TAPE25O, Mountain FileSafe 4000 & 8000, Summit 5E120 & 5E250.
    BackAgain Pro
    CDS Corp
    BackAgain for OS/2 is a proven file backup software application that supports SCSI tape drives for the OS/2 operating system. Quick, Powerful, Simple. Full restore to different directories or files as well as logging options for error reporting.
    EZRAID for OS/2
    Cyranex Corp
    RAID solution for enhancing OS/2 disk performance and eliminating data loss and downtime caused by disk failures. With support for disk mirroring, disk striping and disk striping with parity, EZRAID works with any server or desktop running OS/2 Warp & 2.1x. Combine low-cost, off-the-shelf IDE, ESDI or SCSI disk drives together to create high-performance disk arrays with turbo-charged disk I/O and data redundancy. Installs in minutes and includes comprehensive utilities to create, monitor and manage disk arrays. Two versions available, EZRAID Lite and EZRAID Pro.