CAD, Scientific & Engineering


A versatile CAD package for OS/2 that is easy enough for first-time users yet powerful enough for professional engineers. Features include: - context-sensitive on-line help in both words and pictures - powerful macros make is easy to automate repetitive tasks - import and export DXF files - associative dimensioning for instant dimension changes - patented ease-of-use tools - intelligent screen management virtually eliminates screen refreshes

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RPlot for OS/2
RPlot is the only technical graphing package that runs natively on all three major platforms: OS/2, DOS & Windows. It is designed as a tool for direct plotting of scientific and engineering results stored in ASCII data files. Results can be quickly viewed and publication-quality figures can be easily generated.
Pj2 Professional CAD System

Pj2 CAD System is a CAD package which gives you powerful drafting tools by exploiting the new advanced features of OS/2 2.x. For instance, Pj2 manages an unlimited number of graphical entities, thus allowing you to create highly sophisticated technical drawings on your PC. CadWare

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SciLab GmbH
This powerful OS/2 PM-based scientific and business graphics package from Germany is now available in the Australia. Featuring a combination of a data sheet and graphics editor with object-oriented charting functions, Xact is well prepared for all your charting needs.