Programming Tools, REXX & Editors

  • Hockware

    VisPro/REXX is a visual programming tool that is completely integrated with the OS/2 Workplace Shell and offers multiple views, drag-drop interaction, pop-up menus, settings notebooks, direct editing other CUA 91 features, and supports the OS/2 font and color palettes. Users with little or no knowledge of programming can become productive VisPro/REXX users in no time.

    IBM C Set++ for OS/2
    IBM Corporation
    C Set++ delivers stable, reliable, highly optimised code. Through the power of C Set++ you now get: New user interface class libraries letting you add object orientated drag and drop function to your applications A interactive GUI design tool from Kaseworks which makes paper and pencil design and written code obsolete. The latest version of IBM WorkFrame, which lets you organise project files in intuitive folders and execute tasks automatically with just a double click.
    Watcom C/C++ for OS/2
  • Watcom Software

    Watcom's C/C++ 32 unleashes 32 bit power by delivering C++ support in its multi-Platform Cross Development tool. Get 32 bit flat memory model with comprehensive tools, including templates, exception handling, and superscalar optimisation. Creates high performance executables which run on 386, 486, and Pentium processors. Includes support for a wide range of both host and target platforms including 32-bit DOS, OS/2 2.x, Windows NT, and 32 bit Windows 3.x.

    Watcom Fortran 77
  • Watcom Software

    High Performance professional multi-platform 32-bit optimising FORTRAN compiler and tools. F77 delivers 32- it performance with typically at least a 2x processing speedup over 16 bit compilers. Supports Extended DOS, OS/2 2.X, and Windows NT on Host Platforms and Extended DOS, OS/2 2.x, Windows NT, Win32s, and 32- bit Windows 3.x target platforms.

    CodeBase 5.0
    Sequiter Software, Inc.
    CodeBase 5.0 is a C/C++ library for Database Management compatible with the data, index and memo files of dBase, Clipper, and FoxPro. Easy to use functions with a minimal learning curve so you can be productive immediately. Design complex reports in minutes and print and display them in OS/2, DOS, Windows or Unix. Bit Optimization Technology lets you query a 500,000 record data file in just one second.
  • Watcom Software

    VXREXX is a visual development environment for OS/2 REXX that is an easy to use, powerful and fully integrated environment for creating applications that exploit the graphical user interface capabilities of OS/2 and Presentation Manager. The product combines a project management facility, visual designer and an interactive source level debugger to deliver a very approachable and highly productive visual development environment. Create rich graphical applications quickly and easily Build, test and debug your applications without leaving the development environment Access all standard REXX .API' s including DB Manager. Royalty free distribution.

    The Editor for Untamed Programmers When you can`t be constrained by inflexible editors, unleash the power of PREDITOR/2, the professional editor that capitalizes on native 32-bit performance and exploits OS/2`s Workplace Shell. This allows PREDITOR/2, to rapidly perform searches and scrolls at unheard of with the previous generation of GUI editors. Equipped with its own C-like extension language, complier and on-line debugger.