Power Tools

Error Manager
Soft & GUI
Is a 32-bit OS/2 software development tool that watches over 950 IBM SDK toolkit API's. EM tells you which API failed, where it failed, and why. EM can log all errors to a file or pipe and optionally notifies your window procedure,, enabling centralized error processing. Finally, in production, it can route errors directly to your help desk, enabling your support staff to have answers even before your users have questions.
The Object Factory
The Object Factory removes the complexities of SOM class definition by providing an OOUI interface directly subclassed from OS/2's WPS. Anyone familiar with the WPS will be instantly at home with the Object Factory. Seamless integration into the WPS allows it to express complex object-oriented concepts visually, not programmatically.
JBA Software
Is a 32-bit visual application development tool for OS/2 2.1 for building OS/2 Presentation Manager GUI applications. It offers a complete ADE to manage all the source files including header files, resource scripts, make files, etc. IBM C Set+ + , Borland C+ + , and Watcom C+ + compliers are supported. The Windows Generator will compile code for an application created under OS/2 so that it will run under Windows with full functionality. The Database Connectivity package provides support for Q+E Lib and provides local index file support. The Client Server Support OS/2 provides support for DB2/2, a utility to define required header files a drag and drop repository of data definitions and JOT CSS extension verbs.
Raleigh Systems
Objectpm is the first class library geared specifically for OS/2 and the Presentation Manager. It provides over 200 classes of objects encapsulating windows, controls, graphic tools, forms threads, and much more. By far, Ojectpm is the finest class library available for OS/2. Versions available for both Borland C++ and IBM C++.
Q+E 5
An ad hoc query tool that generates professional reports with breaks and subtotals, accesses every major database and builds sophisticated queries without typing SOL. No programming required.