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Warp Server for e-business
IBM Corporation
OS/2 Warp Server for e-business combines extremely high performance with expanded support for non IBM clients. . OS/2 Warp Server offers support for a wide range of hardware alternatives, network protocols, adaptors, and client operating system to include OS/2, DOS, DOS Windows, and Macintosh.
LAN Distance
LAN Distance provides the answer when you're on the road and need to access your Local Area Network. The LAN Distance family is a software solution that lets your portable computer or remote PC access your LAN as if it were on the network. It's the most powerful flexible, and easy-to-use way to connect with any network you're authorised to access. Your important data is only a phone call away.
Communications Manager/2
Communications Manager/2 is an enhanced offering of the communications manager component that is included in the IBM OS/2 extended Edition and IBM Extended Services for OS/2 products. It provides extensive workstation and host connectivity options in a single package and delivers flexible access to data and applications wherever they reside. It supports all industry standards such as Ethernet, X25, IEEE 808.2, Network Driver, Network Driver Interface Specifications (NDIS), and IBM TokenRing.
  • Hummingbird Communications

    X Server software allows IBM OS/2 based PCs to display applications from X-Windows System Hosts, such as Unix and VMS, alongside DOS, MS Windows and OS/2 applications. As a high performance 32 bit X Server that seamlessly integrates the X Windows, and OS/2 environments, eXceed/OS/2 takes full advantage of the multitasking capabilities of interchangeable cutting and pasting. eXceed/OS/2 allows users to transfer data between X, Unix, and VMS environments, and MS Windows, DOS and OS/2 applications.

    Client Server Networking
    If you use LAN Server then you need Watchit! Tune up your IBM LAN Server, track and analyse resource and user activity to Improve performance and anticipate capacity problems. Track server capacity and performance from your desk. Analyses activity using uncomplicated charts and graphs allowing you to take intelligent corrective action. Compare samples of different days and times for reference. Have dynamic notification of server errors or performance problems as they occur.