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    Time & Place/2
    IBM Corporation
    Coordinate meetings and travel itineraries without endless callbacks and voice mail messages.
    IBM Corporation
    Ever wonder what happened to the "paperless office" ? FormTalk takes a step toward that unrealized ideal by letting you design and fill in on-line forms, and then send them to others via Lotus Notes, cc: Mail or other mail systems. FormTalk validates data as it`s entered and uses a powerful macro language to perform calculations and eliminate errors. Plus you save on the costs of using outside services to create, print and store paper forms.
    IBM Corporation
    Today you need to manage all kinds of data. The proliferation of scanners, faxes, and multimedia tools means that you are bombarded every day with all kinds of data -images, voice, electronic text, scanned images, etc. ImagePlus/2 is an OS/2 image and document management systems which gives you the ability to capture, store, view and retrieve your data. Automated work processing and an intuitive interface using drag and drop features makes it easier than you thought possible. ImagePlus/2 can be used on a single workstation or on a client/server network.