Visual Development Tools

IBM introduces a powerful new vision of programming. VisualAge is a client/server application development power tool that focuses on line-of-business applications. The components of VisualAge include a visual programming tool, library of parts, graphical user interface support, client/server and communication support, relational database support, enhanced DLL support, multimedia support, and much more. The way application are development is changing to address the computing challenges which face companies. With both stand-alone and team editions, VisualAge addresses critical issues such as rapid application development, the iterative development process, object-oriented technology and construction from parts. Powerful. Complete. The beginning of a new age in application development: the visual age.
Dakota Technologies
If you develop applications with IBM's VisualAge then chartParts is an essential tool for your development group. chartParts makes it incredibly easy to add customizable bar, line, pie and other kinds of 2D and 3D color graphs to your VisualAge applications without writing additional code. Just point and click to create graphics that are fully portable to all environments supported by VisualAge.
VisPro C & C++
HockWare, the pioneer in value-priced visual programming products dedicated to OS/2 bring you VisPro/C and VisPro/C++.VisPro/C and VisPro/C++ give you the best of OS/2 with complete Workplace Shell integration. Drag and drop programming, multiple development views including Layout, List, Event Tree and Settings views, and the ability to get pop-up menus on the objects are some Workplace Shell features that give you maximum leverage of OS/2. C and C++ code just like you'd expect and more. VisPro/c & VisPro/C++ generate well-structured source code. The result is non-proprietary, royalty-free code that is easy to read and maintain. Both support code regeneration. VisPro/C++ has two special features that ease C++ development: Graphical class browser that allows you to easily view the IBM User Interface Class Library. You can also drag and drop methods from the class library into your VisPro/C++ program. Automatic generation of object and object event-handler code so you don't have to worry about the details. Lightening fast DB2/2 database design For DB2/2 programming, both VisPro/C and VisPro/C++ include the visual database designer. It provides an entity/relationship diagramming tool and SQL builder that lets you quickly create DB2/2 applications or reverse-engineer existing DB2/2 databases.