MultiMedia & Ultimedia

NeoN Grafix 3D Animagination for OS/2
  • Team Computer
    NeoN is entirely based on the OS/2 system, the working performance is incredible and your creativity will never again be slowed down. The resolution and size of single frame pictures is unlimited, the quality is outstanding. Any format is available for video animations. In any window you find filled z-buffer shading. Bodies and animations can be previewed in real time mode. Morphing and plastical deformation warping of bodies are easy to handle features. DTP user choose NeoN to create 3D images ready to print in quick time mode. Try it NOW -Download a demo !

    Commix SP
    DisplayMaster is a robust utility for developing Business Presentations and Graphics manipulation and organisation. It directly supports Kodak Photo CD in the OS/2 environment. Cut, copy, paste, crop and trim images. Preview multiple image, video and audio files simultaneously. Batch image conversion to other formats and save.
    Window Washer
    One Up Corporation
    This popular 32-bit screen saver supports keyboard monitoring in full screen WinOS/2 DOS and OS/2 sessions. Wash away your idle screen as a unique window washing effect clears away your desktop. Version 2.0 features many other exciting animated effects, digital video and audio (plays CD`s, MIDI or WAV files with program effects).