Operating Systems

OS/2 Warp Server for e-Business now shipping !

Operating System/2

Simply the best operating system for a Personal Computer. Since November 92, the only operating system we use at the Control Headquarters. Smash the limits of your PC. OS/2 Warp Version 4.0 aka "Merlin" is the latest high-performance release of IBM's award-winning 32-bit multitasking, multithreading operating system. Merlin includes a number of enhancements to the OS/2 Workplace Shell graphical user interface, including Voice Control and Voice Dictation, new, more colorful icons, animated icons, and a control centre enabling easy access to commonly used programs, icons and options. Merlin includes the Bonus Pack. All of these applications are full 32-bit native OS/2 applications, and take full advantage of the advanced capabilities of OS/2. OS/2 Warp V4.0 maintains full software compatibility with previous versions of OS/2, allowing packages written for previous versions to be run under OS/2 Warp without modification plus existing DOS and Windows applications.

Pen for OS/2

Pen for OS/2 brings pen and touch capabilities to OS/2 for more effective intuitive personal computing. Combined with the strength of the OS/2 operating system, Pen for OS/2 brings benefits to the desktop and mobile systems. It is also useful in industrial training, education, merchandising, marketing and mobile profession, as well as in a variety of other areas. Pen for OS/2 allows you to make the move to pen without writing off the past. Now you can run exciting new pen applications along with your existing DOS, Windows and OS/2 applications. Additionally, applications for OS/2 can be easily modified to become pen-aware, allowing developers to leverage their existing OS/2 application code base. With Pen OS/2 you have the ability to communicate with your computer naturally-with a pen. Simple gestures can invoke common or customized commands. Your handwriting can be captured "as is" or translated into text by Pen for OS/2's powerful handwriting recognizer. Along with the pop-up keyboard, these allow the keyboard and mouse to be eliminated in some applications.