Productivity, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Database

Mesa 2.2

Sundial Systems

Mesa 2 is the AC Cobra of the spreadsheets: faster than a speeding Excel, more powerful than Lotus 123, able to leap over Quattro with your first spreadsheet (but unlike the early Cobras, it won't shear the axles!) The Power Spreadsheet for the Future, designed specifically for OS/2. This powerful, full-featured, native OS/2 spreadsheet is on the edge of technology, taking advantage of SOM, OpenDoc, multithreading and the Object-Oriented User Interface. Sundial Systems has updated its award-winning spreadsheet with the power and reliability of OS/2 to bring you blazing fast performance and unique features. Incorporate real-time data in the background, continuously updating your files.

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For some real-world Mesa solutions, check out Michael Semon's A Simple Guide to Mesa pages, and Daniel Kulp's home page for some Mesa add-ons, and more.


Sundial Systems

Forget Sluggish... This Word Processor Flies. If you are tired of waiting around for your word processor, then Clearlook is for you. Quick loading and a responsive touch are Clearlook's trademarks. The Clearlook word processor has the features everyone needs - in a compact package that's definitely easy on your system. Plus extras like single or multiple-page WYSIWYG views scaled to any size from 20% to 1200%. And mail-merge, envelope printing, tables of content, indices, and autonumbered footnotes. Clearlook's superb design and processing capabilities let you quickly produce sophisticated documents right from the start.

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Sundial Systems

DBExpert is a native OS/2 data base management tool; it offers you the advantages of rapid database application development through its easy to use Tables, Forms, Reports, Queries and REXX Macros. DBExpert is fully object-oriented in its design and interface, and is the only fully-featured relational database system for OS/2 that can be used without programming or SQL. In fact, DBExpert works seamlessly with data from DB2, dBASE, Clipper, FoxPro and Oracle databases.

With DBExpert, Developing Applications Can Be Quick and Easy:

DBExpert's event driven model lets you control the application with simple macros
Robust data validation makes sure your data is correct
Use simple point-and-click and drag-and-drop techniques to create objects
Use your existing tables and data - or create new ones - for queries, forms and reports
When your database needs grow, your DBExpert applications will work with your new database
Use, convert, and combine your existing data from multiple databases
Full multi-user support is built in to handle locking and transactions automatically

Sundial Systems

The ideal personal time manager for OS/2. Flexible calendaring functions utilize the Workplace Shell's drag-and-drop environment. Schedule individual and repetitive events; run programs on schedule; dial calls from the integrated phone book; prioritize to do's; and manage conflicting commitments. Relish Net (for LAN Server and NetWare) has all the personal features of Relish plus group calendaring, meeting room scheduling, and more. Thanks to client-server architecture, it even keeps information in view on one system updated as changes are made by others. Relish makes time management painless by using drag-and-drop for scheduling and printing. Quickly mastered by OS/2 novices and appreciated by power users. Relish 32 bit is the desktop time and information organiser ideal for everyone coordinating tasks or managing time.

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Lotus SmartSuite OS/2
Lotus Systems

SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp 4 The Best Suite for Today's Connected World -- Powered by 1-2-3 Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2 Warp 4 gives you direct ways to find, share and publish the information - using five, native OS/2 Warp 4 applications.

In Charge
  • Spitfire Software

    In Charge is a full function personal and small business financial system for OS/2. In Charge supports multiple sets of books and within a set of books it supports all types of accounts and currencies enabling each asset and liability to be tracked in its native form. In Charge automatically handles currency conversion when moving funds between different assets and liabilities and in combining them for various reports. It provides a set of integrated systems for managing multiple-year budgets, accounts payable/receivable, fixed assets, securities, insurance, and tax data. The check printing facility provides for both immediate and queued printing. Any type of continuous or laser check forms may be used - In Charge adapts to your check forms. Tax data can be exported directly to all major tax preparation programs.Try it NOW -Download a demo !

  • Computer Interface Corporation

    Powerful and easy to use DataBase, Contact Management and Personal Information Management all in one. Its simple point and click operation gives you complete access to detailed information on all your personal and business contacts, and more. Available in three versions: Home, Pro and Office. Office Edition supports multiple users on a LAN. We use it. Try it NOW -Download a demo !


    DeScribe Inc.

    DeScribe is the fastest, fully featured, most technically advanced OS/2 word processor available. It fully exploits the multithreading, multitasking capabilities of OS/2, allowing you to continue working in an application while another operation is underway. While performing a mail merge, you can continue entering data in a different file. Drag an unopened document to DeScribe's print icon to print a document without opening it. Powerful and easy to learn. Some of the dozens of new features in version 5.0 are an on-line tutorial to help you get the most out of DeScribe, automatic footnotes, special context menus, calculation of simple math in tables, a new merge interface, send e-mail directly from DeScribe, drag and drop graphics into documents, and attach sounds to DeScribe events.

    OnCmd xBase/OS/2
  • On Line Data

    OnCmd xBase for OS/2 is a native OS/2 xBase Database environment. In addition to the traditional xBase functionality, OnCmd offers a client server approach (without requiring a dedicated server) automatic multi-user support from single user code, multilevel menuing systems and many other extensions to xBase. OnCmd's blazing speed and intuitive interface make it a favorite. Delivers high performance multi-user xBase functionality for OS/2. Create new applications, or easily convert FoxPro, Clipper, or dBase programs to native OS/2 32-bit Presentation Manager (PM). Dress up applications with PM widgets and fonts using integrated screen painter. With simple code changes, you can add buttons, check boxes, and drop down menus to give your application more functionality. Access "C" code with DLL support. Capitalize on OS/2's multitasking with message-passing extensions, and "timed" or "event driven" subroutines. No "Windows" overhead.

    Cirrus Technology
  • Cirrus Technology Inc.

    Unite is an OS/2-based document information storage and retrieval system that is designed to scan, view, index, search, retrieve, print and fax images. Replacing file cabinets with on-line access to electronic documents helps to reduce document storage costs, labor costs and document retrieval times, and also help improve customer service and increase productivity.

    Unite CD-ROM Maker ver 2.1
    Cirrus Technology
  • Cirrus Technology Inc.

    As reviewed in PC Mag Oz December 96. Fast, drag&drop enabled CD-ROM mastering software with threads ! Simplest, easiest, most powerful CD Mastering software on the market, period. The entire application consists of two templates (audio and data) and a burner object. Try it NOW -Download a demo !

  • Innoval Systems Inc.

    As reviewed in PC Mag Oz Nov'96. PostRoadMailer is the best Internet e-mail software, works with FaxWorks ver 3 to provide Internet faxing. Fully drag&drop enabled mailer with threads ! Supports multiple accounts, allows mail previewing, ftp & http file downloads, more. Try it NOW -Download a demo or update

    WebExtra - NetExtra
  • Innoval Systems Inc.

    An excellent add-on to your WebExplorer or NetScape/2 ! Allows off-line web surfing, page mining and much more. Try it NOW -Download a demo or an update