Utilities & Maintenance

Trafalgar Business Systems

Turn your HP Scanner into a $7000 Copy machine! Features include: Brightness, Darkness, Enlargment and Reduction Controls, Automatic Document Collation, and Much More!

CopyShop/2 was designed and written for the OS/2 environment. CopyShop/2 has the ability to print multiple collated documents from a single scan. This software utility is a must have if you own or use a HP scanner, get the most out of your hardware with this 32-bit multitasking application.

GammaTech Utilities
Softouch Systems

OS/2 utilities which enhance and complement the OS/2 operating system. Supports both High-Performance File Systems (HPFS) and File Allocation Table (FAT). Just like Norton's, but these utilities are fully multi-threaded: optimize or do maintenance whilst you keep using your PC.

Desktop Observatory
Pinnacle Technology

With the Desktop Observatory, you can dynamically build an instant Desktop anyway and anywhere you want, in seconds locally or from any network at startup, logon, or any time and in any language, or perform maintenance on client Desktops from any machine attached to your network.

Hilbert Computing
Chron is a 32-bit utility to start programs or display textual reminders at any given time. These program or reminder events can be automatically rescheduled to execute hourly, daily, on weekdays, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly.
Rightware, Inc.
File transfers utility made especially for OS/2. Works via a parallel or serial port. Includes a Presentation Manager version; an OS/2 command line version; and a DOS version. The OS/2 versions are 32-bit, multi-threaded tasks.
Graham Utilities
An Australian written suite of disk, file and general utilities for OS/2. A comprehensive suite of over thirty disk, file and general utilities specifically written for the OS/2 operating system.